13 Fishing AL13 Spinning Reel Review

Features of the 13 Fishing AL13 Spinning Reel

The 13 Fishing AL13 Spinning Reel is designed to provide potent performance with top-tier durability. Crafted with a focus on inshore environments, it brings forth the resilience needed to withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater fishing.

Durable Construction

  • Completely made of aluminum, the AL13 Spinning Reel is both light and strong. It expertly resists flex and distortion, even under strenuous loads.
  • The gearbox is tightly sealed and made from aluminum, efficiently protecting against daily exposure to saltwater.
  • Further fortifying its resilience is a durable ceramic line roller.

High Performance

  • The AL13 Spinning Reel features CNC machined gears that allow for smooth, easy winding. The 9-ball bearing construction only adds to this seamless performance.
  • With the Cool Stop Drag System, this reel offers smooth drag payouts and an impressive stopping power.
  • It is versatile enough to handle striper cows, bull reds, and the elusive silver kings.

Additional Features

  • All-aluminum construction
  • Coolstop Drag system
  • Sealed aluminum gearbox
  • Ceramic line roller
  • Z Cast + CNC machined drive gear
  • Oversized handle knob
  • A total of 9 ball bearings
  • Provides instant anti-reverse
  • Offers options for speed and power gear ratios

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