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13 Fishing Concept A2 Baitcast Reel Review

Boating enthusiasts who are serious about their fishing know that finding the right equipment is key. One essential piece of equipment is a reliable and high-quality baitcast reel, and the 13 Fishing® Concept A2 Baitcast Reel fits the bill perfectly.

Designed to handle the heaviest of catches, the Concept A2 Baitcast Reel is built to last. Its ultra-low profile, palm-fitting design holds 25% more line than earlier models while maintaining a compact footprint. The frame is made of High-Density Aluminum, making it strong and rigid enough to withstand the toughest conditions. Meanwhile, the reel housing contains H.A.M. (Hard as a Mother) precision-cut Japanese brass gearing, delivering powerful and smooth performance on each and every cast.

The Concept A2 Baitcast Reel is truly innovative, featuring a Water Channeling Body Design that protects against the elements, an easy-to-adjust incremental Low-Friction Braking system, and a spring-loaded Beetle Wing Rapid Access sideplate that allows for easy maintenance. Additionally, the reel’s Arrowhead Line Guide enhances casting performance, ensuring a smooth and accurate cast every time.

The Concept A2 Baitcast Reel also boasts a high-quality 6+1 system, which includes stainless steel ball bearings that are chemically plated for extra corrosion resistance. The Dead Stop anti-reverse feature with slotted, rail-supported clutch cam ensures that the reel won’t backspin. Moreover, the powerful Bulldog Carbon Drag consists of six oversized carbon drag discs that offer up to 25 lbs. of stopping power, making it perfect for reeling in the biggest catches.

For the utmost performance and reliability, the 13 Fishing® Concept A2 Baitcast Reel is the perfect choice for tournament fishing. Additionally, the reel is equipped with a replaceable KeepR Integrated Hook Keeper, ensuring the safe and secure storage of your hooks when not in use.

In conclusion, if you want a baitcast reel that can stand up to the rigors of heavy fishing, you can’t go wrong with the 13 Fishing® Concept A2 Baitcast Reel. With its rugged construction, innovative features, and superior performance, this reel is sure to provide you with years of dependable service on the water.

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