Acr Electronics Aislink™ Personal Man Overboard Beacon Review

Boating can be a very enjoyable activity, but it’s important to always be prepared for the unexpected. In a Man OverBoard (MOB) situation, seconds count, and having the right equipment can make a huge difference. That’s where the AISLink™ Personal Man Overboard Beacon from Acr Electronics comes in.

The AISLink MOB is a personal man overboard beacon that is designed to alert local vessels of your distress emergency. The device automatically activates upon inflation of your lifejacket and sends an initial alert within 15 seconds to all AIS receivers and plotters in the vicinity.

One of the key advantages of the AISLink MOB is that it sends an AIS message to local receivers. Unlike a Personal Locator Beacon that sends an alert to satellites, the AISLink sends an AIS message—including a structured alert message—with your precise location, distance, and bearing to all AIS receivers and AIS-enabled chart plotters within a four nautical mile radius.

The device is small and compact, so it can be easily clipped to your clothing or stored inside your life jacket using the oral inflation tube attachment. It is equipped with an LED strobe light for low visibility rescues, and the device will begin transmitting your distress signal within 10 seconds of activation and will transmit for 48 hours continuously.

Another advantage of the AISLink MOB is that it can be programmed with your boat’s DSC MMSI number. This can be done by downloading the programming software to your Windows computer or by accessing the web-based programming software. Additional configuration instructions can be found in the product manual.

Overall, the AISLink™ Personal Man Overboard Beacon from Acr Electronics is an essential piece of safety equipment for any boater. Its compact size, quick-activation features, and ability to send AIS messages make it a reliable and effective tool in the event of an emergency. With a five-year warranty and impressive battery life, the AISLink MOB is a must-have for all boaters. Remember, seconds count in a Man OverBoard situation.

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