Acr Electronics RCL-95 LED Searchlight Review

ACR Electronics RCL-95 LED Searchlight and Essential Accessories

Upgrade your boating experience with the high-performance arsenal of ACR Electronics’ Searchlight and versatile add-on devices. Experience enhanced control and extended reach, all brought together in a cohesive design scheme.

Wireless Dash Mount Remote for RCL-85 & RCL-95 Searchlights

This compact and stylish remote which operates on a frequency of 433.92 MHz, provides you with ultimate convenience in controlling the RCL-85 and RCL-95 Searchlights. The substantial remote operation distance of 213 feet (65 m) makes it stand out. Plus, it offers directional control and the ability to switch between fast and slow rotation/tilt speeds. Moreover, it’s easy to sync the remote to your searchlight, and you can sync up to four devices to a single searchlight.

  • Compact and aesthetic design
  • Remote operation distance of 213′ (65 m)
  • Directional control with speed control options
  • Ease of syncing with searchlights
  • Up to 4 remotes can be synced with one searchlight

16.4′ Extension Cable for RCL-95 Searchlight

If the standard RCL-95 Dash Mount Joystick cable is not long enough, it can be easily extended using this convenient 16.4′ (5 m) extension cable. It includes a waterproof connector for simple and secure connections.

  • Increased flexibility for installation situations
  • Included waterproof connector

RCL-95 LED Searchlight

The superior RCL-95 LED searchlight comes fitted with 10 High Flux (50W) LEDs, providing an intensity of 460,000 candelas that can illuminate over ¾ of a nautical mile. Use the wired joystick control or the wireless handheld remote to rotate the light 360° without hard stops and tilt up to 135°. It also features an auto-home function that parks the searchlight at the predefined position each time it’s shut off. Resistant to weather and water (IP68), it ensures years of operation hassle-free.

  • 10 Efficient High Flux 50W LEDs (OSRAM) with 50,000 Operating Hours
  • 470,000 Candela, Max Beam Distance 4,501 Feet (1,372 m)
  • 360° Continuous Rotation and 135° Tilt, with Auto-Home return
  • 4 Amps (12 V) to 2 Amps (24V) power requirements
  • UV, Weather & Water Resistant
  • Simple Installation – 12-24V Power Connection, 5M Wired Joystick Control Cable

Owner’s Manual Retrofit Kit for RCL-95 Searchlight

ACR’s Retrofit Kit specifically designed for the RCL-95 Searchlight adds to the versatility of the device.

5m Extension Cable for RCL-95 Searchlight

Specifically for ACR’s RCL-95 Searchlight, this 5m extension cable provides flexibility during the installation.

  • Length: 5m
  • Designed specifically for ACR’s RCL-95 Searchlight

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