Acr Electronics Rcl-95 Led Searchlight Review

The ACR Electronics RCL-95 LED Searchlight is an exceptional tool for those who enjoy boating. It is sleek, cost-effective, and designed to provide unparalleled visibility over long distances. With ten efficient high flux 50W LEDs, this searchlight is capable of producing up to 460,000 candelas, ensuring that you can see up to ¾ of a nautical mile ahead.

One of the most impressive features of the RCL-95 LED searchlight is its flexibility in controlling the light. The wired dash mount joystick control or the wireless handheld remote allows you to rotate the light 360 degrees continuously at different speeds, without the need for a hard stop. Moreover, you can easily tilt the light up to 135 degrees, making it easy to light drawbridges, buoys, and docks.

The RCL-95 LED searchlight is also designed for durability and protection in harsh weather conditions. The electronics are located inside the waterproof light head, providing increased protection against the elements. The ASA housing and lens are sealed against water damage, which ensures that the searchlight is operational for years.

Installation of the RCL-95 LED searchlight is simple, requiring only a 12-24V power connection and a 5M wired joystick control cable. Not to mention, the auto-home feature, which parks the searchlight at the starting location each time it is turned off, makes it even more convenient to use.

In conclusion, ACR Electronics RCL-95 LED Searchlight is an excellent tool for those who love boating. It is designed to provide exceptional visibility over long distances, and its flexibility in controlling the light ensures that you can safely navigate through the water. Moreover, its weather-resistant design and simple installation make it an ideal choice for light commercial vessels as well as recreational powerboats. With the RCL-95 LED searchlight, you can focus on enjoying your boating experience while feeling secure and well-lit.

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