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Ande Back Country Monofilament Line Review

Features & Specifications of the ANDE® Back Country Monofilament Line

The ANDE® Back Country Monofilament Line is distinguished for its prominent tensile and knot strength, combined with an outstanding softness. It has been strategically designed to suit small, light-tackle reels for optimum performance.

The formulation of this fishing line ensures unparallel precision during casting and has the additional benefit of low memory. This aids in guaranteeing an enhanced fishing experience, specifically when you need more power to secure the successful catch of your trophy fish.

  • Superior strength for peak performance in challenging fishing spots.
  • Ideal for use in shallow saltwater areas.
  • Exceptionally low memory.
  • Unbeatable tensile and knot strength, despite being the softest monofilament line in the company’s range.

In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, the ANDE® Back Country Monofilament Line is also valued for its superior abrasion resistance. Designed for shallow saltwater use, this monofilament line effectively combines the features of softness, strength, and precision into a single product for an upgraded fishing experience.

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