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Attwood Tsunami T500 Aerator Pump Review

Product Information: Attwood Tsunami T500 Aerator Pump

The ATTWOOD Tsunami T500 Aerator Pump displays the perfect example of the combination of innovative engineering and compact design, resulting in high output performance. This small package is endowed with advanced materials, including premium quality bearings, state-of-the-art brushes, alloys, and magnets.

Key innovative features of this device include:

  • A patented shaft seal designed to eliminate leaks caused by misalignment.
  • Caulked and tinned wiring to eliminate wicking, safeguard against water damage, and minimize corrosion.
  • A 90° threaded hose-to-barb connector.
  • A water-cooled housing formulated to reduce heat buildup and prolong motor life.
  • An engineering composite inlet and body resilient to the stresses related to hull pounding and the deteriorative effects of caulks.
  • Thread sizes compatible with standard filter screens, featuring a 3/4”-14 – NPSM thread on the T500 aerator.

Installation Instructions: Attwood 4640-7 T500 Tsunami Aerator Pump 500 GPH

The Tsunami pumps from Attwood are compact yet high-output devices constructed from advanced materials. They feature a patented shaft seal that prevents leaks which may be caused by misalignment. The model T500 has an inlet length of 3-1/2 in. with a diameter of 3/4 in. and features a threaded 3/4 interior diameter outlet, 12 Volt, 3 Amp, 29 in. wire/connector.

Additional Features of Attwood Tsunami T500 Aerator Pumps:

  • These pumps are designed to move more water and oxygen into livewell tanks, thereby maintaining fish activity.
  • Built with cooler-running motors, the pumps are created from premium materials and come with watertight seals and waterproof wiring for extended life and efficiency.
  • Another distinguishing feature of these aerator pumps is that their cartridges are interchangeable and replaceable between bilge and aerator pumps.

The pump also comes with a 3-year warranty which is a testament to the company’s faith in their product’s durability and effectiveness.

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