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Bandit Lures Walleye Crankbait Review

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Bandit Lures Walleye Crankbait

Considered one of the most desirable baits on Lake Erie, the Bandit Lures Walleye Crankbait displays exemplary performance across various velocities. It is characterised by its rounded lip design and lifelike minnow body, giving it a unique rolling wobble that entices walleye, zander, and other carnivorous fishes in the vicinity. Equipped with high-quality hooks, this successful lure is an essential addition to your trolling repertoire.

  • Regarded as a popular choice on Lake Erie
  • Performs consistently well across a variety of speeds
  • The lure’s rolling wobble is attractive to numerous local game fish
  • Outfitted with premium hooks for increased effectiveness

Bandit Lures Walleye Deep Crankbait

Another standout product is the Bandit Lures Walleye Deep Crankbait that impresses with its ability to plunge deep swiftly and remain steady at different speeds. Similar to the shallow crankbait, this lure flaunts a rounded lip and an authentic minnow body, contributing to a rolling wobble that attracts the likes of walleye, zander, and other predatory species. With its superior hooks, this promising lure is a worthwhile addition to your trolling collection.

  • Promises rapid depth penetration
  • Consistently navigates true across diverse speeds
  • Features enticing rolling wobble that attracts various game fish

Where to Buy:
Bandit Lures Walleye Crankbait
Bandit Lures Walleye Shallow Crankbait
Bandit Lures Walleye Deep Crankbait

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