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Garmin Descent™ Mk2i Dive Computer Review

The Garmin Descent™ Mk2i Dive Computer is a top of the line dive computer that is designed for serious divers who want to have a sophisticated device that can keep them safe and help them explore the underwater world. This dive computer is packed with features that are meant to make your diving experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

One of the primary features of Garmin Descent™ Mk2i is the full-color OLED display that offers sharp, clear and easy-to-read graphics. The dive computer shows you all the essential information such as depth, temperature, decompression status, and remaining bottom time. The screen displays the time of day in a 12 or 24-hour clock format, and it is illuminated making it easy to read in low light environments.

The Mk2i dive computer has a built-in GPS that allows you to navigate your way through your dive spots with ease. The GPS provides you with accurate location data and enables you to mark locations you want to return to. With the dive computer, you can track your dive path, including entry and exit points, all in real-time.

Another exciting feature of the Garmin Descent™ Mk2i Dive Computer is its air-integrated system, which allows you to monitor the air pressure in your SCUBA tanks in real-time. This feature is incredibly useful as it ensures you are always aware of your air consumption and also helps prevent accidents such as running out of air while diving.

The dive computer has a rechargeable battery that offers up to 16 days of battery life when used in watch mode and up to 18 hours in dive mode. The battery can be charged via a USB cable, making it convenient to charge even while on the move.

Overall, the Garmin Descent™ Mk2i Dive Computer is an outstanding piece of technology that should be in every avid diver’s kit. The combination of features, including the OLED display, GPS, air-integrated system, and rechargeable battery, makes it a reliable, efficient, and convenient device. It’s an investment worth considering for serious divers.

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