Garmin GPSMAP 79sc

Garmin GPSMAP 79sc is an advanced handheld GPS device that is designed to help outdoor enthusiasts navigate a wide range of terrains, including waterways, trails, and remote locations. With its rugged and waterproof design, this GPS navigator is an ideal companion for boating, fishing, kayaking, hiking, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

The GPSMAP 79sc features a 2.6-inch color display with 160 x 240-pixel resolution, which makes it easy to read maps and track your progress. The device also comes with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that enables fast and accurate satellite tracking, even in challenging environments like deep canyons or dense forests.

The GPSMAP 79sc is preloaded with BlueChart g2 coastal charts and a worldwide basemap, including a shaded relief that lets you visualize 3D terrain. The built-in coastal charts provide detailed information on tides, currents, and depth contours, which is essential for safe navigation on water.

Moreover, the GPSMAP 79sc has a 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass that will orientate the map to the direction you are facing accurately. The device also comes with a barometric altimeter that tracks changes in pressure to help you monitor weather changes and keep you informed if any changes that can affect your journey.

One great feature of the GPSMAP 79sc is its marine-grade high-sensitivity GPS receiver, which can connect to both GPS and GLONASS satellites, enabling improved location tracking and fast signal acquisition to keep you on course. Additionally, the unit has wireless capabilities that allow for easy sharing of geocaches, tracks, and routes between different Garmin GPS devices, reducing the need to carry multiple maps and helping you to store all of the information you require in one device.

The GPSMAP 79sc also comes with a built-in camera of 8-megapixel resolution that allows you to capture photos, even while in the water. This feature is very useful for anglers, divers, or boating enthusiasts who want to document their trip with high-quality pictures.

In conclusion, the Garmin GPSMAP 79sc is an excellent GPS navigator that combines advanced features and robust build quality to make it a reliable and useful companion for outdoor adventures. Whether you are an angler, a hiker, or a boating enthusiast, the GPSMAP 79sc has all the features you need to accurately navigate your way to your destination.

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