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Shimano Pop-ORCA Popper Review

Shimano Pop-ORCA Popper Lures Specifications

The Shimano Pop-ORCA Popper Lures come with a ground-breaking ‘Bubble Chamber’ open mouth design. The design inspiration comes from the transformative power of a jet engine, that turns low pressure into high pressure. This specific design enables the ORCA Popper Lure to operate more efficiently than typical poppers.

Main Features

  • Zig-zag action
  • Sinking mechanism
  • Seven color options

Shimano Orca Slim Lure Specifications

As part of Shimano’s offshore lure series, the Shimano Orca Slim Lure is a diving popper. It benefits from Shimano’s propulsion weight transfer system, ensuring optimal casting distance. Similar to the Pop-ORCA Popper Lures, it also features the unique ‘Bubble Chamber’ design for increased disruption.

Shimano OP190 Pop-ORCA Popper Lure Specifications

The Shimano OP190 Pop-ORCA Popper Lure again utilizes the ‘Bubble Chamber’ open mouth design. This design contributes significantly towards making the ORCA Popper Lure outperform conventional poppers.

OP190 Pop-ORCA 90F Features

  • 90mm size
  • Floating mechanism
  • Zig-zag action
  • Treble Hooks
  • Seven color options

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