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The Top Three Boat Enclosed Radars

As a boat owner, one of the most important pieces of equipment you will ever buy is an enclosed radar. Enclosed radars can keep you and others safe as you navigate the water. However, when purchasing a boat enclosed radar, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the available options and features. In this article, we will help you navigate through the noise of all the enclosed radars and help you choose the right one for your budget and needs. We will also show you how Boating World is your go-to source for everything boat related.

The B&G HALO20 Boat Enclosed Radar

One of the biggest advantages that the B&G HALO20 enclosed radar has over the competition is its use of advanced solid-state radar transmitters. Solid-state radar transmitters are nothing new in the world of boat enclosed radars. In fact, B&G has been using solid-state radar transmitters in its products since 2008. However, until recently, solid-state radar transmitters could not perform at the same long-range standard when compared to analog pulse-modulated radars. With the B&G HALO20, this all changes. Adding Halo open-array pulse compression radar, B&G has blown away the competition with unmatched short and long-range performance. When it comes to boat enclosed Radar, the HALO20 is hard to beat

HALO20 Boat Enclosed Radar Price

B&G: $1,899

The Garmin GMR Fantom 18x

In the world of boat enclosed radars the name Garmin is unanimous with quality and features. With the GMR Fantom 18x, Garmin continues to live up to its name. Garmin has introduced its 40-watt GMR Fantom radar system. The GMR Fantom system uses advanced radars to deliver ranges from 20 feet all the way to 48 nautical miles. The Garmin GMR Fanton 18x also has the most advanced target separation capabilities, with the ability to distinguish between rain and fog. If you are looking for advanced capabilities for your boat enclosed radar, look no further than the Garmin GMR Fantom 18x.

The Garmin GMR Fantom 18x Price

Garmin: $2,299.99

Furuno DRS2D-NXT

When it comes to magnetron-based radars Furuno rains king. The DRS2D-NXT uses a powerful combination of proprietary and Doppler-based features to offer an unparalleled ability to distinguish between dangerous and passive targets giving you peace of mind while navigating the water. Addiotianly, using full ARPA capabilities, the DRS2D can acquire and track up to 40 targets. This tracking will ensure you can keep an eye on any hazards you are approaching.

The Furuno DRS2D-NXT Price

Furuno: $2,460

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