Glass Spotting

By: Barry Berhoff

QuestionHow do I remove water spots from glass?

AnswerFirst, you need to determine what type of spots you have. The worst type are the ones that are etched into the glass, because they cannot be cleaned. Luckily, these are very rare, given that glass is so hard. The next type are soap spots, which are the easiest to clean. Just use fresh water and a scratch-free scrub sponge, like one for a nonstick pan. Rinse and scrub until all the soap scum is gone.

The most-common and stubborn water spots are from hard water, which leaves mineral deposits and staining behind as the water evaporates. Look for a really light rubbing compound. Some manufacturers even list glass as a surface that their compound works on and provide tips and instruction. In general, a very small amount of compound can be worked on the glass to remove the spots. Tougher areas will need the compound along with special glass-cleaning pads made of steel or brass wool. Make sure to find the ultra-fine pads listed for glass cleaning. As always, test a small, inconspicuous area before doing all the glass.


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