Hoping to Be ‘Loopers’

By: Grid Michal

QuestionMy wife surprised me by telling me she’d enjoy a trip around the eastern U.S., sometimes known as The Great Loop. Before she changes her mind, I’m provisioning our 31-foot Sea Ray! In terms of service items, what should I take?

AnswerTowing a supply barge should do it. In lieu of that, I’d keep it to a minimum. I can promise you you’ll need props. Assuming you have left- and right-hand rotation drives, bring two of each. Rebuilt aluminum from a good prop shop will do fine. Remember to bring extra mounting hardware. Assuming you have air conditioning, make certain you have extra filters for your raw-water intake. Of course, the mantra “if it leaks, duct tape; if it squeaks, WD40” works in this case. Pack a tool set based on what you know how to do, and if you can get to the offender. Take dielectric grease for all the electrical plugs and connections, and it would be smart to have SeaTow or BoatU.S. tow coverage. Beyond that, you’ll probably need to get the routine oil changes performed en route, which will be good times to make a close inspection of the drive systems, which saves you carrying a bunch of oil and filters. Have fun!


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