Wash Smarter, Not Harder

By: Barry Berhoffd

QuestionWhat is the most efficient way to wash my boat?

AnswerSoap spots are the most common problem and occur when you use too much soap and don’t rinse properly. Many boaters ignore the directions on the bottle. They figure if one capful per gallon is good, more must be better. Unfortunately, this is not true. Using a soap mixture that is too concentrated rarely rinses off properly, leaving behind soap spots. This can also begin to degrade your wax prematurely. Don’t use too much soap, follow the directions and rinse well when washing.

Here are some best practices that will also help.

– Rinse the hull thoroughly prior to washing.

– Always work from the top down, bow to stern, so you are never sending water and suds into areas you have already completed.

– Dry each area quickly and wash smaller areas. Don’t let the sun dry the hull. Surface squeegees work well for getting the hull dry. Then wipe any still-damp areas with a microfiber cloth or PVA towel to ensure they’re completely dry.

– As always, it is best to work smarter, not harder.


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