A Stable Ride

Author: BW Staff

A unique hexagon-shaped towable takes riders on a wild yet very comfortable ride. Using the product’s dual tow points, simply attach your tow rope to the front Kwik-Connect with one or two riders seated on the inflatable, and enjoy the trip on the water, all while receiving support from the wrap-around backrests. The tow rope also can be hooked to the rear Kwik-Connect to ride in a kneeling position. Four foam-filled tubular nylon handles with neoprene knuckle guards provide comfortable and firm handles. Hexsanity also features two speed safety valves, to make inflation and deflation convenient, and a durable 30-gauge PVC bladder covered with an 840-denier double-stitched nylon cover.


Kwik Tek Inc.; (800) 624-1297; airhead.com


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