Step On Up

With the Fi23, the Centurion family has an entry-level model with high-end features.

Taking the step up to a top-of-the-line ski boat can be a stretch for a lot of would-be wake families, but the new Centurion Fi23 is available at a “premium entry-level price” — $99,264 base — which means more buyers can take the plunge without getting in over their head.

Normally, this means losing access to key features that make a premium boat brand special, but that’s not the case here. The Fi23 comes complete with features such as a stylish tower that includes an upscale DownFire speaker system, to make sure everyone’s rocking. The interior is luxurious and can accommodate up to 14 people with innovations that include the available Rear-Facing Slide Seat that gives observers a front-row seat.

One of the annoyances of wakesports boats is the long time it takes to fill their ballast tanks, especially if those tanks can tote up to 4,850 pounds — the Fi23’s can. But with available RAMFILL, operators can tanker up in as little as 45 seconds. To control ballast, there’s a new Split HD Touch Vision screen that also allows drivers to enable its QuickLaunch feature, which minimizes bowrise for better driver visibility. And the surf wake’s sides can be switched in only two seconds, thanks to QuickSurf.

Centurion, which is now part of the 92-year-old Correct Craft family, builds all its models using the vacuum bag resin-infusion technique normally only seen on high-end yachts, which ensures the best strength-to-weight ratio and delivers a more consistent hull. The bow is extra-wide to provide the maximum passenger space within its 23-foot length. The Opti-V modified deep-V hull helps build a wave organically and offers a smooth ride in the chop, unlike flatter-bottomed boats. The standard 409 hp GM LT-6 V-8 has plenty of power to push this 5,150-pound boat, and a 63-gallon fuel tank ensures fewer interruptions during a long watersports day.

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