Watery Haunts

When late October nears, everyone loves a good scare. Boaters who appreciate a good ghost or apparition might want to check out some on- or near-the-water haunts.

In Corpus Christi, Texas, this World War II carrier and Naval museum is said to be home to an extra ghostly docent — a blueeyed young man neatly dressed as a sailor who visitors to the museum call a “polite young man.”

Just across the street from Coronado Yacht Club in San Diego stands the (in)famous Hotel del Coronado. It is said that the ghost of Kate Morgan, who was staying in room 3327 when she died, is still there. Guests there report a feeling of being watched, lights and faucets turning on and off, and curtains swaying mysteriously.

The St. Augustine Lighthouse and Castillo de San Marcos, both blocks from marinas, are said to be haunted. Lighthouse ghosts include buried pirates, lighthouse keepers of yore and two young girls who died playing too close to the cliffs. In the 17th-century Castillo, the ghost stories are too many to mention. Ghost-hunting TV shows have filmed there.

It has been reported that security guards spot the silhouette of a Hawaiian woman peering out from the window of the second floor bedroom where Queen Lili’uokalani was imprisoned after the annexation of the Hawaiian Islands.


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