POTUS Captains Impossible Dream

ImpossibleDream07 copy IMPOSSIBLE DREAM is a unique 60-foot catamaran yacht designed for disabled sailors, only made possible with the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the summer of 1990 by President George H. W. Bush. The former president took the helm recently and piloted the watercraft for most of the trip, experiencing the unique controls that make it fully operational by a person in a wheelchair. Impossible Dream has been sailing up the eastern seaboard in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the ADA. Along the way the crew has taken more than 400 wheelchair-bound children and adults and their families to enjoy a ride. Impossible Dream’s goal is to engage the global community and inspire people with disabilities to improve their independence and quality of life. impossibledream.usImpossibleDream05 copy


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